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In which we make some paths, and some order from the chaos

The repairs have begun. I’m nursing sore muscles today, from carting and laying brick paths yesterday. Laying the paths highlighted the differences in Mr Gorgeous’s method of operation ( getting a level) and mine ( that looks pretty level) It seemed to take forever to get the sand down and compacted, but the laying was super quick, slowed only a little by the fact that our reclaimed bricks are all different sizes. We just ran rows of bricks next to each other, as there’s quite a curve, and that matches the other paths that we did 7 or so years ago on the other side of  the garden. ImageImageImageImageOnce all the bricks were laid it was just a matter of sweeping some sand over the top and into the cracks, ( which is taking a bit of time, as it keeps raining) and leveling the ground on the side up to the height of the bricks( 3 trailer loads of shoveling)  and getting  some more grass seed in!