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In which I consult the experts

I’m hoping for some help in choosing a photo. Which do you like? I’ve got a few likely contenders at the bottom of today’s post.Meanwhile, I’ve been reading…

My go-to expert when it comes to my garden is Peter Cundall. One of my favourite books by him  is “The Practical Australian Gardener”.  This is where I head when I’m not sure what to do next. I’ve never read the pages for February and March when I’m too busy bottling to read, but May often gets looked at.


Here’s what Peter thinks I should be doing now. There’s more there, but this is the to do list for this month for me. Nothing has been done this weekend, as we’ve had a busy weekend entertaining friends. Maybe this afternoon.


Not really in focus, is it? I’ll try a different way next time.

We have been busy raking. Next weekend will probably be the last big family rake. Here’s the kids, taking the leaves down to the compost pile. Note that one child is already showing signs of being management material, rather than an actual worker!IMGP3109

Finally, I need to choose a photo for the brochure. Which one do you think I should go with?