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In which I declare (finally) that I have enough vegetable beds

Mr Gorgeous has been hard at work, and my final veggie patch is done. That man is my hero. The dog on the other hand is hitting a steep learning curve with that patch of turf going from hers to mine. She’s really a fabulous puppy, but still needs places to dig, and things to chew, and her ideas and mine about what’s acceptable are only mildly convergent. I like to think that as the rational adult in the partnership, I will prevail, but the reality is that visitors to the garden will be stepping over small holes, and missing seedlings on October 27th.

All this digging is taking something of a toll, and I’ve been a regular at the local physio, who assures me that if I would just stop gardening, my shoulder would heal up just fine. This from a lady who causes me more pain than the garden ever has with her teeny tiny needles in my shoulder.

The sheep are still here; they’re doing a great job of keeping the grass down, but are yet to develop a taste for stinging nettle.


I’ve painted some old black plastic tree pots to put in my new herb garden. This will hopefully keep some of the more invasive herbs like oregano, mint and thyme organised, unlike the previous herb garden, which was pretty much survival of the fittest. I’ve also separated out the fennel, which is said to inhibit the growth of almost every other plant growing near it. The puppy is loving digging out the pots, and we have had strong words, resulting in a tail between legs, and who knows, maybe a dog leaving them alone? I’m not holding my breath. I’ve resurrected the string fence around the top beds, which isn’t enough to keep out a determined dog, but is enough of a reminder to keep her out if she’s just wandering.

On the new lawn front, it all depends on your point of view. From the side, if you get down low, it’s looking great, but from directly above, there are gaping holes everywhere. I’ve planted more seed, hoping to fill the gaps, but with 5 weeks to go, I may be pushing it!