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In which I get into construction

I’ve had a few snatched moments in the garden, so I’ve been putting together a couple of structures.

My parsley, even before the sheep invasion hasn’t been doing well. It is still the same size, or even possibly smaller than when I put it in. I’m wondering whether the especially cold weather this year is holding it back, so I’ve decided to make a little greenhouse that Mr Gorgeous spotted for me at a garage sale. The greenhouse is much longer than my garden bed, so some of the asparagus in the neighbouring bed is getting some bonus warmth.  

Also, I thought about getting the chickens to do some work for me. I recently bought a box of corners designed to work with garden stakes. They do have nail holes so you can make a more permanent structure, but I want to move it around, I’ve just rested the pieces together. 

My gorgeous 17 year old went and collected this lovely girl, and she had a busy afternoon scratching away. Hopefully she left lots of earthworms for the garden.