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In which I climb onto the roof

Please, nobody tell Mr Gorgeous, but I have been up on the roof. Not that I’m a stranger to the roof, but I usually go up when someone else is home to either catch me, put me back together or call an ambulance should I fall off.
I blame the garden Share Collective. I’m doing my post for June, and there’s not so much happening, so I thought a wide shot would show the garden, and therefore me, in the best light.
I have three main sections of vegetable garden, and I’ve tried to get a picture of each, although there are quite a few branches in the way. The shed roof would have been better, but I thought that one roof was enough for the day.




This month, I will be blogging a quick lick and promise, as I have very limited time, but I hope to have more to tell you next time.

Some of everything is in, except broad beans, but I will do some succession planting of lettuce, Asian greens and peas.

Weed, or mulch. The horse manure we got has a bit of fine grass seed in it, so I’ll need to deal with those babies while they’re small.

Not a lot this month. Some late tomatoes, and some capsicum and chili. I also have lots of spinach in various forms. (Warragul greens, silver beet, English spinach).
On the other hand, thanks to bumper harvests over Summer, and even before, and my large freezer, I have gone through all of May without buying a vegetable, and I still have some left. I’ve been doing a no shop challenge during May, and frankly, at the end of the month, I still have an embarrassingly large amount of food in the house. I think I’ll keep going for a couple more weeks.
So that’s all I have to report for today, but I’ll do better next time.