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In which we are now counting down days, not weeks

It’s getting so close. I really hope you all like my garden.  There are only 17 days until we open!

The peas have been cropping hugely, but these guys are all but finished. The shelling peas have just started, and I have two more rows of peas after those that are still coming on.


The  broad beans are in flower, and should start giving us beans in the next few weeks. There are even some little baby beans at the bottom. I’ve heard that broad beans will crop at the same time no matter when you plant them, so I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has them in, and what they’re up to. (Sorry about this photo – it’s too rainy to go out and take another!)20131006-205706.jpg
The brassicas are all but finished, and I’m starting to tidy up the bed for some of my tomatoes. This garden bed has my cheap and cheerful fence which keeps the dog out, but does make dumping barrow loads of mulch tricky, as there’s no gate.


 Mr Gorgeous has been quite proprietorial about his new garden bed, and has rigged up a quick version of the string fence which has been really effective in changing the dog’s habits. She can still get through the fence if she chooses, but she no longer goes flogging through at breakneck speed.
This is not what I imagined my front yard would look like with just over two weeks to go. We’re getting a new driveway, and I hope we can get it cleaned up in time! I’ve made lots of “mind your step” sign as a plan B, but I actually think we’ll be ready.20131008-104426.jpg
Finally, a quick pic of my lemon verbena which grows higher than my head each year. I prune it hard every winter, and then spend a month worrying that this time I’ve really killed it, but once again it’s on the way back, and I’ll be drinking lemon tea again in no time.


In which our garden is absolutely trashed!

We have been hard at work these past holidays. In particular, the Hungry One, who is now 15, has been working like a Trojan. He’s keen to go on a school mission trip, so we made a deal. He would give me 60 hours work to earn half the cost. The rate of pay works out as fair to fairly good, and I get some work done!

He has been digging out a particularly annoying weed, moving bricks and rocks, and generally following in my wake and dealing with my inevitable trail of destruction. Things were in fact going along swimmingly, until it was time for the carport to arrive. Last week  saw a man with a digger going up and down our garden moving dirt, camellias and rhododendrons that we wanted to save, and flattening the side of the house ready for the concrete pour.

It will be very nice I admit to have the car under cover (no more dealing with a frozen car on winter mornings), but the backyard is a mess!

imageMoving the camellias was soul destroying, as they were just about to flower, and I had to cut off hundreds of buds. You can see what they were like in the pictures. The plants are now just glorified sticks with a few leaves. The bobcat man did a great job, and left plenty of root ball, so I have high hopes. Hopefully, the radical pruning will help them settle into their new homes.


As you can see, we have a lot of tidying up to do!