About us

We are a family of 5 (6 this year, due to the unexpected but delightful addition of an extra teenager), living in Gippsland, in my favourite of all places, the side of a green hill. Having grown up and lived part of my adult life in Perth, Western Australia with its dry climate, I’m yet to get sick of all the rain here, even after 9 years.
We love this area, we love our church and our neighbours, our town, and our friends. We wish family was closer, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too!
Over the past 9 years, we have planted fruit trees, acquired chickens, lost chickens to foxes, acquired more chickens, bought some sheep, loved and said goodbye to an ancient dog, and watched our older children grow from kids to teens that I’d be proud to number among my friends. The youngest, the Aunty Collector, is still growing and learning and gets the most value out of the extra space that we have here.
My husband, Mr Gorgeous works an office job, the kids have schoolwork, and I have part time piano teaching, emergency teaching, learning piano, volunteer work, keeping house, raising children and 2 acres of somewhat self sufficient gardens and animals to keep me way too busy.
Added to that, I thought blogging would be a great way to keep connected with family and friends from near and far, to keep myself accountable, and to help me appreciate all the blessings of each day.


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  1. Hi, One of my Garden Collective group has informed me that they would love for you to join in our monthly garden tour. You can take a peek here to see what we are about – http://www.strayedtable.com/grow/garden-share/


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