Open Garden, come at us! (And we’ve got a choir!)

We are only 11 days out from the first Open Garden. Unlike last time, which saw me preparing for the day in hail and freezing temperatures, this year the weather has turned up the heat. The forecast is for a second consecutive day over 35, with strong hot northerlies.I’ve been painting our newly refurbished back deck, but the paint behaves strangely in the heat, so that’s on hold until the weather cools down.

So, what’s been happening? The asparagus is very happy and so am I. I get a good bunch every second day, and the whole family enjoys it. You can see the mulch in the picture, which is what the whole garden looks like in preparation for the heat.

 The back deck is coming along, but as always, I wonder what we were thinking taking on such a big job so close to open garden!

The flowers have been stunning. Many will have finished by the 17th, especially in this heat, but some new buds are opening, and we may even have our first roses open. 

Some of the veggie patches are waiting for summer seedlings, and others are full of winter goodies. Here you can see broad beans, kale, broccoli, parsley and onions. Incidentally, this was the bed that the sheep got into earlier this year. You can see it’s made a full recovery! Our trampoline is gone. ( My babies are growing up) We’ve seeded the area and are babying it along. This photo was taken a few days ago, and it already looks much fuller today. The question is whether it will be ready for hundreds of wandering feet? We’ll see.

 Also, in all the  free time that we haven’t got, we’ve been brick paving. Molly the collie approves, and it should be a great place to sit and enjoy a cool drink over the summer, or even today!

  I’m really excited that my choir will be singing on Sunday October 25th at 2pm. Elegance and class! I play piano for the choir, who are just gorgeous! 

So, if you can, pop by and see us on October 17 or 25. I’ll be running continuous garden tours, and there will be lots to see. Remind me to eat and drink when you see me!




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