In which I get into construction

I’ve had a few snatched moments in the garden, so I’ve been putting together a couple of structures.

My parsley, even before the sheep invasion hasn’t been doing well. It is still the same size, or even possibly smaller than when I put it in. I’m wondering whether the especially cold weather this year is holding it back, so I’ve decided to make a little greenhouse that Mr Gorgeous spotted for me at a garage sale. The greenhouse is much longer than my garden bed, so some of the asparagus in the neighbouring bed is getting some bonus warmth.  

Also, I thought about getting the chickens to do some work for me. I recently bought a box of corners designed to work with garden stakes. They do have nail holes so you can make a more permanent structure, but I want to move it around, I’ve just rested the pieces together. 

My gorgeous 17 year old went and collected this lovely girl, and she had a busy afternoon scratching away. Hopefully she left lots of earthworms for the garden.


2 responses to this post.

  1. What is your cool plastic stuff called the one with holes. Also where did you get it. Does it keep cabbage moth out?


    • Hi Lizzie. Sorry about the delay in my reply. My husband picked up the tunnel you’re asking about at a garage sale, and the label has no maker on it, it just says garden protection. Not very helpful really. You could try your local hardware store, or perhaps Green Harvest might sell something similar online.


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