July, in which we get ourselves in way over our heads!

Well, it’s official. We are entering our garden in Gardivalia Open garden again, once again as a food garden. 

The sheep have celebrated this event in style by breaking in and feasting on the broccoli, kale and broad beans. Our dog that cries wolf, to her credit, did try to warn us, but she’s been so barky lately that we ignored her warnings. 

We spent a long time deciding whether to open this year, as I am super busy with a new job and we have a student in the house with major exams coming up. In the end though, I really enjoy opening the garden, and if I’m too busy to do the things I love, then I’m too busy. Also, some of the work we did last time, such as posters and labels will not have to be redone, so I think it is a manageable prospect.

The vegetable patches are ticking along nicely, other than the sheep carnage, and I have a great calendar of what to plant when, thanks to my fantastic Mum, who did a count back from the date last time we opened, and worked out when we needed to plant things to have a good display on the day.

A new addition to the garden this year will be the bees, which have been busy (as bees) and seem very happy. It’s only a small hive (in numbers) at this stage, so I have to help them along with sugar syrup until they stay home and multiply.

Our freeloading fowl (they’ve been moulting, so they have an excuse) are finally starting to give us eggs again, and have regrown pretty much all of their feathers. They’re a beautiful mixed bunch, so that they lay different types of eggs, so I can tell who is laying. In practice though, we just take the eggs we get, and don’t really know who’s doing all the work. For all I know, some of the chooks have been freeloading for years!

I’ve included some before and after pictures of the garden bed that the sheep got into.

First up are the broad beans. My optimistic self believes that they will now shoot again and I will get double the beans. If not, well the sheep only attacked half the row!


Next are the broccoli. I don’t hold such high hopes for these, as I think the hearts have been eaten out of them. Still, I’ll leave them in in case I get some secondary broccoli around the sides. My optimistic self wonders whether the secondary broccoli might be bigger than usual, as the plant won’t have put a heap of energy into the main flower. 

 Finally, the kale has been well and truly enjoyed, but I think it will bounce back.    

I’m going to pop over to the Garden Share Collective Facebook page and share this post, as I’ve missed the deadline for the blog hop. With a nasty bug when it was due, I wasn’t up to much at the time. I’m all good now though, and ready to get stuck into some work!

After a freezing cold fortnight,it looks like we are going to get some sunshine today, so I’m out to build a mini greenhouse. My parsley, which I planted two months ago, is going nowhere, so I’m going to try warming it up a little. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep warm at the same time!


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