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April, in which we do a big clean up (photo credits to the Aunty Collector)

After a late start, my tomatoes have produced more tomatoes than I know what to do with. I have roasted, bottled, made sauce, salsa, paste, soup, and dried tomatoes. I have enought frozen for a tomato based meal once or twice a week for the whole year. Now, however, the tomatoes are getting bad spots before they ripen, so it was with great relief that I have pulled them all out, and planted my winter garden. In have gone cabbage, broccoli, 5 colour silverbeet (two punnets by mistake, but the chickens will love it ), onions, broad beans and quite a few rows of peas, both eating and shelling. I’ve also planted some garlic. This bed has peas, and on the left you can see the legs of my lovely husband who dug the beds over, along with the Aunty Collector, now 12, who is a great worker.

The garden is looking so tidy after the giant ramble of tomatoes have been removed. We filled the trailer to overflowing with the plants, and I must remember to plant less next year! Here are the newly planted beds.

The Aunty Collector loves to watch Peter Cundall’s “Patch from Scratch”, and followed Peter’s instructions for planting onions, lying them down, and letting them stand up as they grow.

The pumpkin harvest is good this year, but this monster was a complete surprise. It was labelled as a rockmelon, bu even once the leaves started growing, it was obvious I had something else on my hands. I have no idea of the variety, not butternut, as it was too bland, but it made great curried pumpkin soup.

This month I will continue to plant, and clean up. The really big task of the next two weeks is to make a final decision on whether to open the garden for Gardivalia. I’d love to, but have a heavy workload this year. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks to Lizzie from the Garden Share Collective for hosting the blog hop.