March in the Garden

I think this post should be called March in the kitchen, as that’s where I’ll be spending every free moment.

My bench is permanently covered in produce, which I’m trying to put away for the winter. Lots of work now, but hopefully it will mean lots of healthy organic meals later.
At the moment I’m picking:
Zucchini. I’m grating and freezing for soups and zucchini slice. I’m slicing and grilling , then freezing for moussaka type meals, and we’re eating them raw in salads, and grilled, barbecued, and stir fried in our meals.
Eggplant. I’m salting grilling and freezing, as per the zucchini. We’re having lovely moussaka, including lamb from our property, and our eggs in the bechamel.
Tomatoes. Lots or roasting and freezing, and making tomato sauce for pasta. I’m drying some in the dehydrator, and have plans to make tomato paste. We’re enjoying bruschetta with our basil too, and fresh cherry tomatoes of lots of colours with every meal, and for me, with every pass by the bench or the bushes I sneak a few more.
Onions. I’m not sure how well these little potato onions and shallots will keep, so we’re eating lots of these too, caramelised on bruschetta, and in every meal.

Cucumbers. Heaps of these coming on too. We’re eating them fresh, the boys have them in their lunch boxes each day, and I’ve been doing some Japanese light pickle recipes. Almost none of them are regular varieties, as you can see from the picture below.


Beans. We’re just getting enough to eat, if we eat lots, so I’m not putting these aside. I’m just putting them in every meal.
Tomatillos. Thanks to my lovely friend Omega, I have a recipe for tomatillo salsa, so I have put aside about 15 meals’ worth or so, so far. I can use this salsa on potatoes, corn chips, or anything I want to spice up. I made a paleo version of nachos last week, roasting up zucchini chips, instead of corn. Absolutely delicious, but it took about 3 hours to roast enough chips for the family, so I’m not sure that I’d bother again.
Corn. Steamed with every meal.
As well as that, we are getting small amounts of squash, and a good supply of herbs.
Not much at the moment, as I’m still worried that the predicted long hot summer will have at least a small burst. I have baby bean plants.
Just keep picking, just keep picking.
At some point soon, I’ll have to decide whether our garden will go in the open garden again this year, so we need to go out and go have a good look and a think.

Thanks once again to Lizzie from the Strayed Table for hosting the blog hop.


3 responses to this post.

  1. WOAH! all your hardwork has paid off with some pretty amazing harvests, I wish I was complaining about no bench space at the moment. Ah, my time will come. Happy gardening – I mean kitchening


  2. Posted by Diane on March 10, 2015 at 8:40 am

    What an inspiring kitchen bench! Yes, please open your garden again. I haven’t had a chance to visit as yet!
    eager reader, Korumburra South


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