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I am going to be busy today!

I know the garden is producing well at the moment, but WOW!


So, my to do list for the day is now:
1. Basil pesto for freezing
2. Roasted tomato sauce
3. Tomatillo salsa
4. Japanese pickled cucumber salad
5. Grate and freeze Zucchini
6. Tidy up and store onions
7. Dehydrate tomatoes

So if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen!


February, in which which we may yet get some summery weather

It’s been a very mild summer here in Victoria. We’ve hardly had a day over 30 degrees. I love the cooler weather, but I’m starting to wonder whether any of my tomatoes are going to ripen before it gets cold again.
Just this week I’ve been able to pick a few for the table, but considering I have about 50 plants, that’s not a great showing.
The zucchinis are going great guns, and once again I’ve planted too many. I have three varieties, including this one, called tromboncino, which needs to be staked if I want them to grow straight. This one’s still young.

With starting a new job, I’ve dropped a couple of balls, one of which was missing these monsters!

The cucumbers are ticking along and we’re getting just a good number for tea each day. I’m growing about five varieties, but they’re all climbing over each other, so I’m not sure whether I’m getting fruit that’s true to each variety.


In really exciting news, we now have a bee hive in the garden, and the bees are hopefully fertilising everything. They are certainly very active, especially on warmer days.
The corn is nearly ready and I’m really looking forward to that.


Coming on well, but not ready yet are the pumpkins. Once again I have so many varieties, all jumbled in together. Here’s a selection.





Just keep picking and eating I think. I’m putting aside lots for the winter.

I’d like to get some more greens in the ground for succession, and I could do some mulching, but I’m not setting myself up for too much hard work this month.
Thank to Lizzie from the Garden Share Collective for hosting this blog hop.