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November, in which I have a burst of energy

Firstly, let me state from the outset that I love Mr Gorgeous. He has been co-working with me in the garden, and the result are far more than double what I could achieve alone.
He keeps me out there when I could lose interest, he works like a Trojan, and he is much stronger than me, so big jobs get done. Not only that, his interest spurs me on during the week.
So, this weekend, we have been doing a big spring clean. Horse poo has been shovelled, beds have been weeded, planted and mulched, and the summer veggie patch is starting to take place.

The asparagus is going well. I get about a bunch a day, which means enough to eat it for a side veg every couple of days.

The strawberries, which are now netted, are producing the first red berries, although they are not super sweet yet, compared with last year. I transplanted them quite late, so they are not as robust as usual.



In the other beds we have been getting a steady supply of kale, silverbeet, and snow peas. I also picked and bottled a batch of beet root. Also, the onions are doing super, and I’m picking heaps. I’m picking them green and using the stem and whatever bulb there might be, because they are all self seeded from last year, and I have no clue which will set bulbs, and which are spring onions. The leeks, at least, are easy to spot.

Going in at the moment are tomatoes, tomatillos, capsicum, corn, beans (in industrial quantities, because I can’t decide which variety to grow), pumpkins, melons, chillies, zucchini, cucumbers and leafy greens. Below are pics of the pumpkin patch, which has chicken visitors, and the seedlings, which are fewer in number now than when the picture was taken, because some have gone into the ground yesterday.



Keep planting. The rest of the seedlings need to go in, and I should start another batch of greens in punnets. Sort out the reticulation for summer. Mulch everything. I would like to look over my seed catalogues and check I haven’t missed anything. Net the fruit trees and berries. As you can see, we have a lot of fruit coming.



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